Free Online Accounting Courses

Free online accounting courses you can access 24 hours a day. Accounting could hardly be called fun, however, visual tools and techniques are very helpful when trying to learn and understand these concepts. These free online accounting courses is an excellent addition to traditional learning techniques taught in the classroom

Free online accounting courses

Accounting 101 - Assets Liabilities Equity

Accounting 101 - Revenue Expense Net Income

Accounting 101 - Beginning Adds Ending Deducts

Accounting 101 - Debits and Credits

Accounting 101 - The Map For Debits Credits

Accounting 101 - Journals and Ledgers

Accounting 101 - Trial Balance and Temporary Accounts

Accounting - Grid for Adjusting Entries

Accounting 101 - Grid for Adjusting Entries Illustrated

Accounting 101 - Correcting Entries

Accounting 101 - Effects of Errors

Accounting 101 - Closing Entries

Accounting 101 - The Big Picture

Accounting 101 - Reversing Entries

The area of accounting covers many different areas. Some of these areas would include regular bookkeeping, the inspection of financial and accounting records, auditing, and preparing financial statements for a company. The free online accounting courses are a step-by-step system that will show you how to record and analyze the business financial transactions for a company.

Specifically it covers equations, assets, liabilities, equity, revenue, debits, credits, journal ledger, trial balance accounts, adjusting entries, reversing entries, closing entries, effects of errors and the overall picture.