Office Space

A sample sales letter for office space.



In the future, if you find that the continuing growth of your company makes it necesary to expand its present office space, we hope that you will consider the new Chambers Plaza Towers for your next location.

Enclosed are some brochures which describe, in more detail, the building services and appointments, parking accommodations and some of the typical office spaces which are available. The office space plans in the Towers are unique by virtue of the building's triangular design, affording maximum use of the column-free floor space and eliminating the need for interior corridors. The 38-story buildings offer spectacular panoramic views in all directions, serving as a focal point of Chambers City.

We would be delighted to have you visit the Towers so that you might see for yourself the many fine building features that have been implemented to make the Towers far superior to most competitive new buildings in the St. Petersburg area.

May I call you in a few day to discuss how we might assist you in the evaluation of your office space requirements? Meanwhile, if you would like to stop by to visit us, please feel free to do so.