Drinking Water

A sample sales letter for drinking water.



There is a problem with the underground water reserves in many areas of the United States, and     [area]    is one of them.

This does not mean that the water you are currently drinking is contaminated.  I really am not qualified to evaluate the safety or lack of safety in drinking this water.

I can, however, guarantee that the water that we obtain from mineral springs and sell all over the state of  [state] is pure and safe.

We have enclosed a self-addressed card which entitles you to a free quart of our drinking water which one of our service representatives will bring to your home in order that you may test it for yourself and see if it is to your liking. While he is there, he will be happy to explain our home delivery service program.

If you would like to receive your free sample of our mineral springs water and learn about our home delivery, please mail your information request card to us today.

We will be looking forward to serving you.