Business Broker

A sample sales letter for a business broker.



Your advertisement for the sale of your business has been running in the classified section of the newspaper for a while, and we thought you might be interested in learning a little about our firm.

We are business brokers and have established relationships with many other brokers throughout the country. While we are certain that you have the business expertise to effectuate a sale without our firm, we do have one advantage.

Our contacts and the advertising that we do enables us to find buyers that are anxious to purchase a business such as yours.  These buyers often live in a different part of the country or may simply live in an adjacent county and do not subscribe to the     [name of paper]      There are also many individuals who prefer to approach a seller through a broker and do not even watch the classified ads. Selling businesses is our only business, and we attribute our success to this fact.

We would like to sit down and discuss the sale of your business with you. There is never a fee involved unless we are sucessful in completing a sale. Please let us know when it would be convenient for you to meet.