40 Free Sales Letters for Different Situations

Writing sales content is difficult. It requires a delicate balance of informing and enticing the reader. This is a difficult skill to learn and not something you'd like to learn on the job as you make more and more less-than-ideal first impressions with sub-par sales letters. But don't worry, there's a better way.

Avoid all that frustration, trial and error, and wasted time by downloading and using our free sales letters. Make sure you have a great sales letter right out of the gate while giving yourself model after model to study and learn from. Over time, as you use our letters, you'll begin to customize and rewrite them more and more until you find you are writing high-quality letters on your own!

All of our letters are setup to give you the results you want and to make modifying and editing them quickly as easy as possible.

We have free sales letters for all types of business and industries like: appliance, book, bicycle, bridal, carpet, antique, medical, printing, music, and much more. Feel free to use them just as they are, or customize them as much as you like! It's all up to you.

Remember, a good sales letter is foundational to your business's marketing efforts. This is how you will find and bring in those customers that can lift your company to the next level and beyond. The more you use our letters, the more you'll start to understand that there are certain fundamental principles to writing sales letters that will work time and time again. These include:

  • First things first – if it doesn't get into the hands of the person with decision making power, it will never result in sales. So make sure to address it by name to that person.

  • Avoid generic salutations like Madam/Sir – these indicate a sales letter (i.e. "junk mail" that will result in your letter hitting the recycling bin without ever being read.

  • Effective sales letters have the same enthusiasm and engagement of an in-person pitch.

  • Never make over-the-top or too-good-to-be-true claims. Consumers have been burned before and such techniques will ultimately hurt your reputation even if your product is great.

  • Always provide facts and figures, especially from trusted 3rd parties, to support your claims. This is more impressive and eliminates suspicion that you are a dishonest salesperson.

  • Always try to include a believable guarantee.

  • And finally, and this is big, put yourself in the position of the person receiving your letter. Ask yourself, is this believable? Would I buy their product or service? If you've not convinced yourself, there's no way anyone else will be convinced either.

Best of luck! We truly hope these letters bring you success!

Equipment Leasing - 1

Equipment Leasing - 2


Advertising Art

Air Conditioning Service

Air Freight

Antique Shop

Appliance Store

Bank Trust Dept


Bicycle Store

Boat Shop

Book Seller

Bridal Store

Building Security

Bus Charter

Business Broker

Carpet Cleaner

Catalog Sales

Charge Account

Property Broker

Corporate Security

Direct Mail Service

Domestic Services

Drinking Water

Dry Cleaner

Finance Company


Health Spa


Interior Design

Medical Lab

Moving Company

Music School

Office Space

Oriental Rugs

Printer, Christmas Cards

Private Investigator

Public Relations

School Programs and Services

Service Business

Sales Lead