Productive Habits and Organizations By Lisa Gladwell

The initial chapter indicates an overview of the themes discussed within the book, detailing various aspects that have made individuals productive and organized in contemporary times. Lisa Banks asserts that planning is the starting point of truly productive people, where people who plan their days have a better sense of Read More ..

Book Cover of Become An Idea Machine By Claudia Azula Altucher

Become an Idea Machine is a best-seller, mostly referred to as a workbook or guide to 180 daily prompts that can help boost the idea muscle of individuals. It is prudent to realize that that many physical endeavors require training for good performance with extra-ordinary effort such as diet restructuring Read More ..

Content Machine By Dan Norris

Content machine is a very educative book written by Dan Norris. The book highlights the strategy for utilizing content machine to establish a seven figure business enterprise with zero advertising. Content machine is full of relevant points that if they can be applied appropriately they can move the business to Read More ..

Book Cover:Good to Great

The chapter ‘Good is the enemy of great’ commences with an explication of the criteria set forth for evaluating the ‘great’ companies, noting that curiosity was the motivation for the research. With collection of time-series data on performance over the years, the author identified good-to-great entities such as General Electric Read More ..

Book Cover:Choose Yourself

Choose yourself is a book written by James Altucher about self- help and self –development. The primary premise in this book is that the new world is an era of choosing oneself where large enterprises and institutions cannot be relied on to offer help to an individual. Throughout the book, Read More ..