Book Cover:The Lean Startup

Chapter one ‘start’ posits that lean manufacturing entails the identification of value-creating processes and reducing waste. Such a mentality is spurred by thinking processes that draws on the knowledge and skills of workers and estimating progress using validated learning metrics. Lean startups adjust their activities using a feedback loop characterized Read More ..

Book Cover:Rock Your Network Marketing Business

The initial chapter begins with an explication of Sarah Robbins’s background and the journey to establish her own company. She notes that persistence and commitment to the goals assisted the original founders of the company to get the system running, with resounding success in only four years. A remarkable part Read More ..

Book Cover:Maximize Your Day By

Maximize your day is a useful resource that provides tactics for proper lifestyles that prepares one to sail through the day to day challenges. The book was written by Mike Sherman and it highlights ways of achieving goals, how to live a productive lifestyle and various ways to increase energy. Read More ..

Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

The CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh is the author of this inspirational book. He applies his expertise in motivation to instruct leaders in various levels of business. His primary aim is to train others how to provide inspiration to employees and inculcate a sense of happiness and real satisfaction. In Read More ..

Innovators Dilemma By Clayton Christensen

The innovator’s dilemma is a book that attempts to answer the question why a large number of outstanding companies doing the right things fail. Such companies fail to maintain market leadership when faced with abrupt competition. This book demonstrates how similar practices that contribute to the success of those good Read More ..