Maximize your day is a useful resource that provides tactics for proper lifestyles that prepares one to sail through the day to day challenges. The book was written by Mike Sherman and it highlights ways of achieving goals, how to live a productive lifestyle and various ways to increase energy. The book is divided into six sections all which maintain an important subject matter of how to maximize the day.

Section one of the book discusses the various ways in which one can increase productivity. The author introduces the chapter by providing a number of guidelines and how to start off the process. He asserts that the key to increasing productivity begins with making adequate preparations. Mike notes that through preparation, one is able to boost their self-esteem and in turn boost the sense of personal supremacy.

The author also highlights the importance of outlining the activities to be done in order to be more organized. Mike Sherman also teaches the importance of beating procrastination. He notes that procrastination halts progress and has to be avoided in order to meet the set objectives. The author gives few tips on how one can avoid procrastination.

The author claims that for one to avoid procrastination, one has to make a decision to always be early in everything and associate oneself with aggressive individuals. The author also discusses the importance of having proper time plans in order to have more organization in daily tasks.

In order to boost productivity, the author explains the importance of avoiding distractions which occasionally holds one back. He provides a guideline on how one can avoid distractions at work. In addition, the section provides a direction on how one can avoid burn-outs and lack of motivation in the endeavor of being productive. The final part of the section provides a productivity routine that consists of twenty steps.

Section two of the book discusses how one can increase energy. The section is introduced through a sub-topic on the foods that give boosts energy. Various diets such as carbohydrates ,fruits and honey has been mentioned as very essential for boosting energy content in the body. The chapter also discusses super food additives which are high nutrient rich meals. Super foods have been associated with numerous health benefits that are essential for the overall well-being.

The examples of super foods given are Chia seeds and Goji berries which are important in boosting the immune system. The subsequent part of the paper discusses some relevant ideas for healthy major meals. Ideas for a fast and healthy breakfast, lunch and supper have been provided. The author also discusses some of energy boosting smoothies such as yogurt.

In section three of the book, the author discusses tips for a high energy diet. The author deliberates the importance of having a meal plan in order to avoid eating unhealthy diets. He provides a number of importance tips that one can use while preparing meal plans.

Sherman also confers some important healthy eating Habits. The author advises the importance of having a diet plan which may enable one to have sustained adequate energy upkeep. The author put more emphasis on paying much attention to breakfast which is the most important meal for the day. Water has also been highlighted as very essential to the body to avoid dehydration and to make the body more energetic.

Section four of the book is about the importance of exercise in boosting energy for the body. The author has discussed the benefits of exercise to the body. He states that exercise is an important way to boost energy in the body as well as enhancing the overall health of a person. Exercising has also been associated with better sleep, better sex and improved focus and concentration. The last part of the section lists some exercise activities that are relevant for boosting energy.

Some of the mentioned exercises include brisk walking. Walking for about 10,000 steps per each day is important for a healthy living. The author also highlights breathing exercises as very vital for relaxation of the body. Other important exercises discussed are yoga, aerobics and dancing. The exercises provide the body with dual benefits of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Section five of the book is about lifestyle improvement energy. In this section, embracing a consistent schedule of sleep has been pointed out as very crucial. In order to have better sleep, the author provides some important guidelines to be followed. The author discourages drinking of alcohol or caffeine a few hours before sleep. Within the section, the author provides some sixteen tips that are essential for the daily life improvement. Some of the outlined tips is stretching randomly, listening to music and having some positive thoughts.

The final segment of the book is about goal setting and achievement. The author recommends the goal formula which is an important tool to maximize the twenty four hours available in a day. The author states that people have set-backs in attaining their goals because they make the goal setting process over – complicated and they also fail to set their goals appropriately.

He outlines a simple five step process that is essential for formulating proper goals. According to Sherman, the five process plan entails writing down the goals, dating them, outlining the obstacles to be faced , providing a plan of action and finally identifying important people and organizations that may be of help in attaining the goals.

In order to achieve success in the set goals, the author provides five important tested principles that contribute to success in life. In the final part of the section, the author outlines how paramount it is to have mentors and mastermind groups. He outlines that mentors determines whether one has success or failure. The author provides the steps and strategies to be followed so as to get a mentor. The book is concluded by presenting an action challenge to increase productivity.

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