Content machine is a very educative book written by Dan Norris. The book highlights the strategy for utilizing content machine to establish a seven figure business enterprise with zero advertising. Content machine is full of relevant points that if they can be applied appropriately they can move the business to the stage by simply making use of content marketing and turn on into a prolific content marketer.

The book starts off by a foreword written by Neil Patel who has written impressive substance for his own business. Neil posits that building content is not the only thing that matters. He points out that what matters most is the uniqueness of the created content so as to stand out among the rest.

In the first chapter of content marketing, the author elaborates about how one can establish a business with content marketing. Content marketing has been defined as the process of creating interesting content that attracts attention for business and build trust for the business. The author claims that the most important basics of content marketing are trust and attention. The chapter also introduces ten features of high growing businesses.

The author developed the ten characteristics from the experiences he has had through his journey of entrepreneurship. The author also elaborates the concept of monetization logic to demonstrate what determines the success of content marketing. For content marketing succeed, there has to be a linkage between the content and the business. The author claims that to attain success in content marketing, one has to be patient since it consumes a relatively long time to gain momentum.

In the second chapter, the author goes on to content marketing basics. The author discusses a ten- minute content strategy which is essential for effective content marketing. For one to build a long term machine, it is critical to have a defined strategy with in-built processes. The ten minute content strategy has to have a vision to be attained when the created content reaches its full potential. The author also outlines that the content has to be based on some specific values.

Certain important aspects such as inspirations and target communities have been discussed in the ten-minute content strategy. Within the chapter, the author also addresses content vision. The author asserts that it is important to answer the question of what the company will stand for when it introduces a new content. The vision of the content has to be different from other contents in the industry and this will bring out its uniqueness.

The third chapter examines high quality content. This chapter outlines the basics of creating content that people are interested in. The author claims that high quality content captures the attention of people while low-quality content is a primary cause of failure in content marketing. The author discusses lessons that are derived from bad and good content. The first lesson learnt is that people need not to fear going out of their own niches. One has to think about those things that captures the attention of the community at large.

People involved in content marketing also have to be actionable and generous. The lessons are explained in detail within the chapter. The author also provides a guideline on how to create content topics and how to generate the initial 100 content ideas. The author wraps up the chapter by discussing content driven search engine optimization (SEO). The author highlights four basic guidelines to be applied in order to have an effective SEO.

Norris continues to add more information on content marketing in chapter four where he introduces the aspect of differentiation. The chapter starts off by explaining how one can be an entrepreneurial content marketer. The author postulates that great content marketer has to be entrepreneurial. Being a great marketer does not always entail marketing the content to fill gaps in the market. Instead, great content marketers enter the market with unique content and they do it better than their competitors. In the chapter, the author discusses the different types of content marketing entrepreneurs and provides guides on how one can become one of them.

The first type of an entrepreneurial content marketer is known as the whisperer. The author illustrates the meaning of a whisperer through a story of Marcus Sheridan, the owner of River Pools and Spas. He describes a whisperer as a person who is transparent to his customers by giving out business secrets as it’s a good strategy to build trust. Norris describes a number of steps to be followed for one to become a whisperer. The second type of entrepreneurial content marketers is the Hustler. The author explains the meaning of a hustler using the story of John Lee Dumas. Norris claims that hustlers are always running and working hard to outperform the other competitors.

The next type of an entrepreneurial content marketer is a giver. A giver is elaborated using the story of Noah Kagan who is always giving away. The author asserts that people who give away stand out among the rest. Other types of entrepreneurial content marketers discussed are the comedian, the pioneer, the opportunist, the reporter and the Artist. The author provides an in-depth description of the various types and a guide on how to become each one of those different types of content mrketers.

The last chapter of the book combines all the previously discussed concepts and applies them in building a machine. The author states that building a machine is based on design and conversion. In creating a good design, the author provides a guide of seven rules that can be used to hack a design. Conversion is all about transforming the visitors of a company into customers. The author postulates that marketers require a funnel for conversion. He describes three distinct ways that can be used to create conversion funnels.

The author also introduces the concept of relevant lead magnets which is essential to get people following the activities of the marketer. The author also discusses the five essential steps for a content marketer. The author finalizes the chapter by addressing the concern on how to manage influencers. Influencers are an important part of success and getting noticed. The trick is how to establish a relationship with them and ensure that such a relationship can be maintained.

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