Choose yourself is a book written by James Altucher about self- help and self –development. The primary premise in this book is that the new world is an era of choosing oneself where large enterprises and institutions cannot be relied on to offer help to an individual. Throughout the book, the author attempts to freely dispense advice on how one can choose oneself and be independent from large institutions. Choosing oneself has been used to imply investing in oneself in a way that one benefits from what they does.

Altucher introduces the book by narrating the story of his life and challenges he went through before he had decided to redeem himself. He describes how he built a company and later sold it. Altucher bought a mansion with the money, lent the money carelessly until all was gone. He reckons how he lost everything that was precious to him. All he had at the moment were suicidal thoughts.

In his book, Altucher posits that markets have crashed, no jobs are found, internet has crashed and industries are all disrupted. Everything thought to be safe is no longer there. No one is no longer coming to give you employment or puts in some investments in your company. The only option left is for one to make a decision in life and ‘choose oneself’.

Altucher describes about the era of choosing oneself in the second chapter. He describes this era as the present time where one has to build on his/her own platform, believe in oneself and have success in one’s definition. In the chapter, the author describes what happened in world war 11 where men went out of the United States left their Nation to go for fights and women replaced them to work in factories. Even when the men returned to the country, women continued to work in the industries as they had no reason to stay at home.

Making money by oneself is fun and it brings independence. Families in the United States became two income families and the economy was revived after the war. With a large disposable income, the Americans were able to buy the American dream where everyone experienced a high standard of living.

The chapter on ‘permanent temporary’ establishes a case where one has to shift to self-reliance. He notes only zero sectors within the economy that are making moves towards employing workers on full time basis. He posits that the American dream where people used to be employed is over. In the previous era, people worked towards depending on other people who controlled their lives. In the present era, personal freedom is all other matters as people have to take control of their lives. In the chapter, Altucher also notes that technology is slowly replacing people and the society does not need employees anymore.

Altucher also addresses the case of rejection where he describes how he was rejected by a girl she loved at the age of twelve. The author postulates that rejection is natural and he elucidate that rejection is the biggest obstacle faced when one is on a journey of choosing oneself. Altucher explains that one will face rejection at a point in a lifetime. He gives a solution claiming that for one to be successful, it is paramount to get over such rejection and keep on trying. Altucher also advices people to be the only people who can have control over their own lives.
In the subsequent chapter, the author introduces a ‘choose oneself era ‘where he describes how to choose oneself.

He explains that for one to have freedom they have to do those things they enjoy. People ought to pursue careers that makes them happy and think only about people who make them happy. Altucher also claims that to build a solid foundation while choosing oneself, one has to take good care of all the four human bodies. According to him, the human body is composed of the physical body, the emotional, mental and the spiritual body. He provides guidelines on how to take care of all the four components of the human body.

The author of this book also discusses the simple daily practices that propel one to the next level in life. According to him, these simple practices make all the four components of the human body healthy. The simple daily practices are intended to help those people who desire to die instead of moving on with life. The book also offers advice on how to walk out of crisis. The author explains that being grateful to people and showing love to other people are important ways of getting oneself out of predicaments.

The author also notes that for one to live, one has to choose oneself. He provides an anecdote of a friend known as Kamal who had become sick and was getting worse. When the friend started proclaiming that he loved himself and did not want to die, his condition gradually improved. He notes that when people attach their happiness to external goals, they end up being disappointed.

Altucher also delves into the topic of finding purpose in life. He gives instances demonstrating how remarkable individuals like colonel Sanders, Stan lee and Tim Zagat did not find their purpose until later in their lives. He sees no reason why people should be depressed because they have not yet found their purpose in life. The author also compels people to change because changes that are coming. He notes that the middle class is dead and people have been replaced by technology. Therefore, it is only necessary for people to change. The book also offers seven rules to be followed by people who are willing to quit their jobs to earn better living. He also gives a number of ideas to generate some income.

In another chapter, Altucher gives idea on how one could become a master seller. He highlights ten key points on how one could learn how to make sales. Altucher also addresses the issue of an idea machine. He recommends people to keep on coming up with new ideas and exercising the idea muscle in the brain. The next chapter explains the idea of releasing a hormone called oxytocin which brings relaxation to the body. The author recommends ten tricks that can be used to help release the hormone.

Altucher also discusses about being honest and how honesty is used to generate one more income. He postulates that honesty compounds itself and with honesty, a person earns trust from people. The author provides eleven keys that one can apply to be more honest. The key message in the book is simply how one can choose oneself. The basic idea in choosing oneself is empowering oneself and having confidence in oneself.

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