hand holding a pencil writing a request for proposal

To Sum it all Up… When it comes down to it, there simply is no other methodology to elicit proposals and establish strong working relationships than a well-researched and written request for proposal. Remember, make sure yours is clear, detailed, and accurate.

Book Cover of Keep It Super Simple

Basically, starting a business and sustaining is a challenge to many entrepreneurs. In most instances, promoting a business can also be a big hurdle particularly when one is new in the industry. Keep it simple offers a solution to such individuals who need to promote their online businesses and move Read More ..

Book Cover of Who Moved My Cheese?

Cheese has been used as a metaphor symbolizing what one wants in life. The want may be in form of money, spiritual serenity, good job and a happy relationship. Basically, cheese is what people thinks will make them happy and when other people take it away from them they deal Read More ..

Book Cover of Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is a best-seller, influential and inspirational book of all time. The first chapter ‘desire’ indicates the first principle to success and is considered the initial point to success. It elaborates that one creative idea can transform, create richness and success for an individual. Six practical steps Read More ..