Cement your value at work

If you want a degree of security in your position or if you want to move up the ladder, you’re likely to need to put into practice some habits that will solidify your standing. Here are some suggestions to increase your value at work:

Save money - for your company, that is. Check around your department or look over your budget and find ways you can save money or make the department more efficient.

Adapt - the most valuable people are invariably those who know how to, and are willing to adapt to constantly evolving environments. Companies’ priorities can change rapidly - you should realign your own work systems to meet the changing demands.

Let your boss know - it’s not always a good idea to wait for your supervisor to notice your good work, or efforts that have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Point out the facts. A good way to let your boss in on your accomplishments is to schedule regular meetings where you can keep him/her up-to-date on your work, your progress and your successes.

Keep your own list of goals - reassess them regularly. Be sure they’re consistent with both corporate and departmental objectives.

Be likeable - no one likes a constant complainer. Always try to meet expectations and foster good, professional relationships with co-workers and management.

Be accessible - let it be known that when your own work permits, you are willing to help out wherever necessary, even if it means staying late occasionally.

Never stop learning - attend in-house seminars and training workshops that are job-specific, or are in line with your career track. Join appropriate professional organizations and network with others in your field. It’s a simple, effective way to keep up to date with technology, trends and cultures.