Top Ten Peeves

Everyone has pet peeves in the workplace. A recent survey of Managers in America indicates the top ten things that make them boil:

Bad attitude - the top one. Bosses notice when employees take on a passive aggressive attitude or lack courtesy when dealing with others.

Whining - there’s a difference between offering constructive criticism and always focusing on the negative side of things.

Delegating up - if you have the responsibility for decisions, take it to heart. If a decision seems tough, don’t send it back to the boss - most believe that even a bad decision is a growing experience.

Withholding information - if you have bad news, then deliver it. Don’t be afraid, as most people prefer to find out, and are grateful for early information.

“It’s not my job” - bosses always remember who does and who doesn’t help out.

Lack of dependability - be punctual and communicate effectively.

Myopia - every company has a big picture, so don’t exist in your own world. Keep in mind the overall company objectives and how you can contribute to its goals.

Overreacting - be flexible and don’t overreact to every change.

Bickering - solve problems between yourself and work colleagues without involving others, except as a last resort.

Unrealistic expectations - those who think that things will always remain the same, or that the bottom line won’t have an effect on the workplace, are unrealistic. Change is inevitable.