More thoughts on success

Success is often a matter of common sense applied to everyday life. The following is a list of success secrets taken from years of often painful learning.

Thank people. Never forget to say thank-you to anyone who has done you a favor, large or small. A written thank-you note is one of your most powerful success tools.

Show up. Often, nothing beats a face-to-face meeting. Do your best to communicate in person whenever possible.

Don’t delay. Don’t let small problems fester. Deal with today’s molehill before it turns into tomorrow’s mountain.

Master minutiae. While others are wasting their time, spend yours getting to know your industry inside out. It’ll pay off later.

Build credibility - Talk to experts in your field. They’re easier to contact than you may think.

Communicate your commitment. If you can’t show people you’re committed to your ideas, they won’t be willing to expend much energy towards helping you reach your goals.

Manage your time. Focus on what you need to accomplish. Distractions and interruptions may require your immediate attention throughout the day, but be sure not to lose sight of your overall goal.

Be kind. Don’t try to show people up; they’ll spend their time looking for ways to get even.

Cultivate allies. Don’t waste your time trying to convert doubters who will never see your point of view. Instead, work on developing strong supporters and identifying possible allies.

Results. Don’ let the “niceties” of life get in the way of results. Minding your manners is important, but remember that sometimes it’s necessary to get mad!!