Does your company practice “Kaizen”?

A strong organization invariably has strong, committed employees. The Japanese method of Kaizen - translated as continuous improvement - is the ongoing pursuit of better working practices, better trained staff, better quality: in fact, all things that will make an organization more successful.

The beauty of Kaizen is that no-one is ever allowed to rest on their laurels. As one challenge is met, new targets are set to take full advantage of the benefits gained. It does not guarantee job security or instant promotion, but the underlying principles should enable an individual to thrive on a solid work platform.

Each individual should assume personal responsibility for improving his or her job performance. Your priorities should centre on productivity, quality of work, cost benefits and customer-focus, with all acquired skills assessed regularly.

No individual or organization can afford to rest on reputation anymore. Although these continuous improvements may only appear as small details, they will ultimately add up to a valuable competitive advantage. If all employees climb on board and become committed to the spirit of Kaizen, the opportunities for innovation and rapid growth are dramatically enhanced.

Try to practice Kaizen and see how it works.

Is there such a thing as working perfection? Unless you try, you’ll never know…..