Not Enough Hours In A Day

We’ve all said it: “there are just not enough hours in a day” or I can’t believe its 4.00pm already”. Perhaps that frustrating feeling that we never had enough time to accomplish everything we had to do let along the tings we really wanted to do. So, how can we squeeze more time into our day?

Target time-wasters – there may be things you do every day simply out of habit that don’t need to be done. Evaluate your daily activities and ask yourself what would happen if you didn’t perform each task. You may find that some things can be discarded without any problems.

  • Set realistic deadlines – don’t kill yourself with self-imposed due dates. If possible, rearrange projects you have direct control over to set acceptable time limits. Re examine the factors that are determining your project deadline.

    Re-evaluate your routine – does the same crisis occur month after month, perhaps at the same time each month? Are you always scrambling for time just before a major deadline? Take a hard look at your work patterns and determine the best and most logical way to meet your objectives. Figure out the most efficient and practical way to organize your time. Identify the root causes of time loss and deal with them tactfully.

    Take charge – don’t let other people control your time. When you are truly busy, let them know (politely). Wherever possible, ask to reschedule discussions, meetings and other activities until you can devote adequate time to them.