Banish Negative Thinking

A growing amount of research has shown that a pessimistic outlook will invariably not only take a toll on your career, but on your health as well. Pessimists are not good at handling stress. They have less confidence and are not as well equipped with effective coping methods. Therefore, looking at things negatively will not only stress you out at work, but your immune system will be taxed which will lead to health problems and more negativity. All in all, a bit of a vicious circle …

If you fit the negative bill, try the following to change your outlook:

Take a creative accounting of your life. Keep a mental checklist of all the good things that happen to you. Simply focusing on the positive can really boost your mood.

Avoid upward comparison. There will always be someone smarter or wealthier than you, but comparing is not a positive attitude. Forget about them, and concentrate on you.

Recognize how your mood affects your outlook. If you are in good spirits, your day to-day experiences and interactions will be more positive. Don’t wallow in muddy negativity - accept any bad news or experiences learn from them and move forward.

Dismiss putdowns. Nothing others say can ever change your own intrinsic worth as a person. Putdowns will only lead to insecurity if you let them, so banish negative thinking.

Enjoy the small things in life. Each thing you do well, however small, is an accomplishment, even if it is a routine task. You’ll feel more in control of things if you separate jobs into achievements and, as a result, you’ll feel more in control of your life. Hopefully, people will notice how well you do things and just how valuable you are.