Mid-Life Work Crisis

Cope with mid-career crisis - a mid-life crisis can lead us on a search for everything from the meaning of life to a jazzy new sports car. We may even be tempted to make reckless changes abandoning our "old life" completely. Fortunately, though, this urge usually passes, and we're all the wiser for having lived through it.

Along the same lines, we can also fall pray to mid-career crisis (MCC) - a time in our professional lives that leaves us feeling stuck and restless. And while it can be just as uncomfortable as reckoning with the mid-life variety, the benefits of working through it are equally rewarding.

Keep these strategies in mind for coping with MCC, before making a radical career change you may later regret.

Be on the lookout for symptoms of MCC, which include chronic fatigue, apathy, boredom and a vague sense of discontent. You might also find that your creativity and productivity are suffering.

Look at your job with new eyes. Set your sights on the big picture and identify ways you're making a difference whether it's serving customers, saving your company money, improving productivity or contributing innovative ideas. Remind yourself that you have a vital role in your organization's success.

Take charge of your career. Find ways to take on more responsibility-either within the context of your current position or by advancing in the company. Take advantage of all opportunities to expand your skills and knowledge.

Talk about your feelings. Ask colleagues you trust and admire if they've ever experienced MCC and find out how they handled it.

Take a break. Even a brief getaway can lend perspective and renew enthusiasm. If it's been a year or more since your last holiday, it may be time to consider taking one.