Don’t lose your cool

Conflicts with co-workers, constant technical issues, problems at home that follow you to work - these are just a few of the things that can cause you to feel like everything is out of control. You, too, can spiral out of control and approach situations that way, or you can stay calm and collected, taking everything in your stride.

Staying calm allows you to take positive steps to address any situation, regardless of how stressful. Doing so can only make things better as you’ll be able to deal with problems constructively instead of destructively. These suggestions should help:

  • Put the situation in perspective. Tell yourself that it will pass, however tricky things are at the time. Address it and move forward.

  • Take a deep breath and make a confident, positive statement. Make a conscious decision to take control of both yourself and the situation.

  • Be sure you understand the situation completely before making a judgment. Be willing to listen to the other point of view and determine what merits it may have. Keep in mind each person sees things differently - what’s important to you may not be as important to the others involved.

  • Don’t get too bogged down with the small stuff. Ask yourself if the situation is really worth getting worked up about. If not, forget it. Conserve your energy and move on to the things that really do need your attention.

  • Defuse the situation with humor. Have a good laugh at your predicament.

  • Tackle the situation in a way that empowers you. Don’t label it a “problem”, but instead think of it as a challenge or opportunity. Approach the task as a learning experience, ensuring you use your acquired skills to maximum advantage.

Don’t lose your cool at work.