How to be a successful Lazy Manager

Nowadays being a successful manager or leader involves all sorts of skills and most people believe that one of the first pre-requisites is to work every waking hour and then work some more when really you should be sleeping too.

But a new theory has surfaced which says that in many ways, this amounts to the very worst way to lead and manage - not just bad for the organization you own or work for, but bad for the manager too.

The Classic Manager

The traditional, Classic Business Manager will work hard, day and night if required. And in doing so he/she believes that they are setting a great example to their workforce. The same manager will also probably feel that if they don't do the job then it 'just won't get done' and sometimes that might be true. But there is a cost to be paid for this kind of approach, in fact a number of costs.

The first and most obvious drawback with the classic manager approach is that they will nearly always be overworked and overtired. This in turn leads to the manager performing below his/her full potential because of excessive tiredness or stress, and in turn this means that, by definition, the manager will not be leading his/her staff in the most productive and directed fashion.

The Lazy Manager

By contrast the so called Lazy Manager will always seek to find ways to delegate the workload to others. Okay so this sounds like laziness, but in fact there may well be good management reasons for working this way. This virtuous chain works something like this.

When work is delegated to others, members of the team often rise to the challenge and responsibility. Perhaps for the first time they feel valued and worthwhile in their positions. This can have the effect of motivating your staff. The manager in turn begins to lose the mindset of being the only one who can do the particular job, he/she learns to trust in the team as their collective confidence and experience grows. But best of all, the manager is left with more time on his hands, leading to less stress and the potential for better overall people management. Hey presto - a virtuous management circle and all from the so-called Lazy Manager.