Customer Care - How to tell customers you care

A brief outline on customer care.

If customers perceive that your organization is indifferent to their needs, there’s a good chance they’ll take their business elsewhere. It’s important to have not only a caring attitude towards customers, but also to communicate this attitude to them.

Sometimes, even your best intentioned comments can be misinterpreted as a sign of indifference. To ensure that you convey a “we care” message, here are some expressions to avoid:

“You’ll have to…”

This phrase may be interpreted as being overbearing and lead the customer to believe you are unwilling to handle the matter yourself. It’s preferable to say: “I suggest….” or “Here’s what I recommend….”

“I’m sorry but we’ve been very busy….”

First of all, most of your customers are probably busy, too, and they’re counting on you to help them. In addition, they might think you’ve been busy with something more important than they are. It’s better to forego the excuses, apologize and let the customer know what immediate action you will take to solve the problem.

“They haven’t sent me the paperwork….”

Although you may, in fact, be waiting for someone else to follow through, this comment implies that you are powerless to help. A more appropriate response might be: “It should be ready by now. Let me check into it and get right back to you.” Then see to it that your promise is kept and that the customer’s needs are met.

“I’ll try….” 

Prefacing a statement this way will cast doubt on your ability and commitment. If there is a genuine doubt that you can fulfill a request, say so up-front and give the reasons why. Then, explain what the alternatives are and what you will do.

Your words should reflect a positive attitude that lets customers know you care and will act responsibly on their behalf. Try it with your co-workers too. After all, they’re your “internal customers”, and the same principles apply!