Conference Calls Overview

What is a conference call?

A conference call is a phone call among three or more people. It’s a conference that takes place over the phone; these usually come in handy for businesses (especially public companies that release financial statements). The administrator of the conference call can give privileges to allow some people to talk, and others to just listen.

Why are conference calls important?

Conference calls are important because they enable people to host conferences from different locations over the phone. Some people can call in and listen while others call in and speak. Conference calls can be used for many things like business meetings and training seminars.

Who uses conference calls?

Businesses are frequent users of conference calls. One reason is to keep in touch with team members and employees to discuss plans, goals, etc. Management may also talk with other business people in different states and countries.

Public companies also use conference calls for investors and analysts. If it’s a public company and releases financial statements, there is usually a conference call for investors and stock analysts to call in and have questions answered by the company’s management. This is convenient for investors because it doesn’t make since to travel to each company’s headquarters to ask questions—especially when there are thousands of investors. Instead, they can simply speak and listen over the phone.


Conference calls are important because they enable communication among a group of people from different locations.