Bringing in the Business

The beginning of a new year is the opportunity to take stock of your business, to take a look at how you’re doing things and think about what you could do better. Use the months ahead to fine-tune your routine, make yourself more accessible and bring in more business. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Be available. Answer your own phone. When possible, meet with clients personally.

Stay in touch. Set up a database or file to remind yourself to keep in touch with clients regularly. If you can’t do it in person, send a letter or a brochure, or have a trusted employee follow things through for you.

Network, network, network. A little talking can pay off with big business. Talk about your business and the special benefits you have to offer …. without becoming a bore!

Be friendly. Employees on all levels talk about the workplace. Make sure they spread the “good word”. If you go out of your way for them, it will be remembered. Good morale means good ambassadors for your company so start bringing in the business now.