Bizarre interview tales

Personnel Directors and Managing Directors of the one hundred largest companies in the USA were asked to describe their most unusual experience interviewing prospective employees. Some of the answers are remarkable just see some of these bizarre interview tales.

A job applicant challenged the interviewer to an arm wrestle.

Interviewee wore a Walkman explaining that she could listen to the interviewer and the music at the same time.

Candidate fell and broke arm during interview.

Applicant interrupted interview to phone her therapist for advice on how to answer specific interview questions.

Applicant refused to sit down and insisted on being interviewed standing up.

Candidate announced she hadn't had lunch and proceeded to eat a hamburger and French-fries in the interviewer's office.

Candidate brought large dog to interview.

Candidate dozed off during interview.

Candidate said he never finished high school because he was kidnapped and kept in a closet in Mexico.

Balding candidate excused himself and returned to the office a few minutes later wearing a headpiece.

Applicant said if he were hired he would demonstrate his loyalty by having the corporate logo tattooed on his forearm.

Candidate explained that he long-term goal was to replace the interviewer.

The employers were also asked to list the "most unusual" questions that have been asked by job candidates.

"What is it that you people do at this company?"

"Why aren't you in a more interesting business?"

"What are the zodiac signs of all the board members?"

"Why do you want references?"

"Do I have to dress for the next interview?"

"I know this is off the subject, but will you marry me?"

"Will the company pay to relocate my horse?"

"Would it be a problem if I'm angry most of the time?"

"Does your company have a policy regarding concealed weapons?"

"Do you think the company would be willing to lower my pay?"

"Why am I here?"

Also included are a number of unusual statements made by candidates during the interview process.

"I feel uneasy indoors."

"Sometimes I feel like smashing things."

"I get excited very easily."

"Once a week, I usually feel hot all over."

"I am fascinated by fire."

"People are always watching me."

"I never get hungry."

"I know who is responsible for most of my troubles."

"If the pay was right, I'd travel with the carnival."

"My legs are really hairy."

"I think I'm going to throw-up."