Be savvy about security

Unfortunately, the world around us is quite unpredictable. Risks have increased. Businesses are invariably far more vulnerable to outside influences. Hence the need to reassess and update security programs at regular intervals, perhaps along the lines of the measures indicated below:

Identify your assets. Understand exactly what you are protecting. Ask the question: “What would bring my company to its knees?”

Review current security policies. Determine where you could expand or improve on existing procedures. For example: should you add to your current security guard level, or enhance the existing alarm system? Do you have a safe working environment?

Identify & categorize potential threats to your business. Consider everything - criminal, natural, accidental or operational dangers. Think about how someone or something could threaten or victimize a particular aspect or area of your business. Rank the potential dangers from least to most important.

Select security measures. Decide on the appropriate action for the potential problem. For example, both natural disasters and physical sabotage could be threats to your computer system, Ensure you have the latest ant-virus protection, limit access to the system itself where appropriate, and keep regular back ups of data off-site.


Test the system. If you don’t try the system once it’s in place, you won’t know where the bugs are or how reliable it will be when you need it. Set up a time table for regular testing and be savvy about security.