Are you accountable?

Most organisations are insisting on greater levels of accountability from all employees and, as a result, responsibility, power and authority are finding their way back to all levels of operation.

For those not used to thinking in this way it can prove to be a major challenge. You’ll be required to consider the wider picture - possibly far beyond your standard job description - and work across the conventional departmental boundaries.

A results-oriented mentality can be of major benefit here. When processes are thought out and implemented based purely on the required outcome, both yourself & colleagues are far less likely to waste time and resources for minimal or no gain. Focusing on outcomes will hopefully ensure that you avoid the trap of always doing things in the same way although this way may ultimately get things done, it may not be the most efficient or practical.

The more intent you are on achieving the targeted outcomes, the less tolerant you’ll be of clumsy or unnecessary work processes. An increasing number of organisations are realising how approach can interfere with outcomes - you’re impact here can be dramatic by ensuring you’re driving towards the outcomes that count the most.

So ask yourself are you accountable?