Free Release Form

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What is a release form?

A release form is designed to terminate any legal liability between two or more people, the releasor and the releasee(s), signed by the releasor.

General release forms, release of liability waivers, or waiver release forms are all different names for the specific legal document used to provide civil liability and contract dispute protection to businesses, groups, organizations, and individuals who either work with, serve, or employee third parties.

Because of the litigious nature of certain industries, release forms have become an essential part of providing adequate protection from lawsuits associated with doing business and serving customers.

Why should you use a release form?

The reality is that there are over 20 million civil lawsuits filed every year against small businesses, organizations and individuals. Of that number roughly 60% of litigations involve contract dispute while the rest are injury, negligence, discrimination, and other liability cases.

When it comes to the actual costs of getting hit with one of these 20+ million annual civil lawsuits, the median settlement for typical contract dispute cases is over $90,000! If hit with a liability suit, median settlements are still a pricey $55,000 (

These numbers are staggering and too big to be ignored. If you are a small business, group, or individual who in anyway works with, serves, or employees third parties in the course of your business activities, you absolutely need to sit down, review your processes, identify exposures, and protect against them with the right kind(s) of waiver(s) or release form(s).

Below is our list of release forms that are downloadable in Word, .docx, .doc, PDF, and Open Office file format.