Follow Up To Phone Call When Customer Not In

(your name, street

city, street, zip)




city, state, zip)


Dear ____ (name):

The other day our representative, ____ (name) called you when you were out. Therefore, he has asked that we write you to go over several important points discussed in the meeting of _______, l9__ (date).

Since our business opened _____ (time) ago, we have learned that it was not enough just to furnish quality _______ (kind of products).  No matter how good the products, they will not be reliable unless they are used properly. Therefore, our products are sold with a guarantee that one of our associates will be available for advise and instruction as you need it.

For example, _____ (name of representative) has been with us for over ____ (time period). He is very conscientious and will follow through whenever you need his help.  Placing an order with _____ (company) assures you of quality products as well as careful instructions and maintenance of the products.


Yours truly,