Free Residential Lease Agreement

Are you a landlord in need of a residential lease agreement? You came to the exact page to download a free residential lease agreement for all types of houses, town homes, and other residential real estate.

Written in a standard word document editing and filling out is fast and simple. You can use this agreement for as many rental properties as you like.

However, you are not permitted to sell or distribute on any website or blog.

You can download our Free Residential Lease Agreement now.

Our free residential lease agreement contains the following provisions:

  • Term of lease
  • Amount of rent
  • Damage deposit due upon signing
  • Tenants use of premises
  • Current condition of property
  • Assignment and sub-letting
  • Improvements to premises
  • Responsibility for utilities
  • Responsibility for for repairs
  • Inspection and damage of premise

Many states have laws governing residential lease agreements. Landlord tenant laws are more complex than most people think.

You should give consideration to having a lawyer who practices in landlord tenant law look over any lease agreements related to real estate.


Download your free residential lease agreement