Free Rental Agreement Template

Download our free rental agreement template today. It can be utilized for a variety of circumstances that require a high quality rental agreement template. Having a good starting agreement will save considerable time and money as you should have minimal changes to make with this excellent template. This agreement can be used for apartments, homes, and town homes.

Our Free Rental Agreement Template can be download now.

This agreement has some very important provisions that address the obligations between landlord and tenant. Including topics that deal with utilities, maintenance fees, levies and assessments, and the operating condition of all appliances during the period the tenant rents the property from the landlord. This would also include maintenance and major repairs to the property as well as the limit of pets (usually limited to 1 pet).

Example Provisions Included in our Rental Agreement Template are:

Date: ______________________________________

*. This lease shall include the use of the following chattels, all of which are acknowledged to be in good operating condition at the commencement of the term of this lease and all of which shall be maintained by the lessee in good operating condition, subject only to reasonable wear and tear during the term of the lease:

(a) stove
(b) refrigerator
(c) dishwasher
(d) dryer
(e) washer
(f) intercom system
(g) vacuum system

*. The lessor covenants with the lessee to pay all realty taxes and all condominium, or apartment maintenance fees, levies and assessments, as applicable.

*. The lessee covenants with the lessor to pay all charges for utilities and other services which may be ordered by the lessee for the premises, which shall include, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, gas, electricity, water, heat, cable television and telephone.

*. The lessee shall deliver to the lessor postdated checks for all rental payments during the term of the lease.

*. The lessee shall not make or permit to be made any alteration or addition or decoration to the premises, without first having submitted a plan or sufficient specification thereof to the lessor, and having obtained the lessor's written approval thereof, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, such alteration or addition or decoration of or to the premises shall include any painting, wallpapering
or laying of carpet or broadloom in the premises.

*. The lessee covenants to observe and to conform at all times with the rules and regulations of City, State and Federal. The lessee acknowledges receipt of all condominium or apartment documents and acknowledges and certifies that the lessee has read all of the rules and regulations as it is presently constituted.

*The lessee agrees to observe and to conform to any new or revised rules and regulations of the condominium or apartment immediately upon notice of same.