How to Start a Website

So you are wondering how to start a web site.

In today’s tech-savvy, Internet-driven world, there is perhaps no better way to reach a wide audience than with a great website. Luckily, starting a website is not that complicated and certainly not that expensive.  What are you waiting for? Get your website going and watch your revenues skyrocket!

Steps on How to Start a Website

The following steps can help you learn how to start a website quickly and successfully:

  • Buy domain name. Ideally, your domain name (i.e. the address of your website) should be the same name as your company so that your customers can easily find you on the Internet. Choose a domain name that is easy to remember, and try not to be too long-winded, as a long domain name will likely be misspelled by your customers.

Registering your domain name is cheap (typically just $10-$35 a year), and there are slew of companies that register domain names, such as, and

  • Choose a credible web host. There are many free web hosts available, and you may be inclined to choose one of them over a commercial web host. Keep in mind, however, that free web hosts generally use your website for free advertising space – which never looks professional.  Also, reliability and speed may be an issue when dealing with free web hosts.

Some of the terms you want to consider before choosing your web host are: maximum file type and size (do they have a limit?  If so, is it suitable for your needs, particularly when your business grows?); bandwidth allowance (what does the web host allocate to you regarding the amount of traffic your website can use per day/month?); technical support; and SSL (does it offer a secure server shopping cart?).

If you choose a commercial web host over a free web host, ask about the reliability of the server, the price, and if they offer monthly/quarterly payment plans.

  • Design your web page. There are many great web editors who can create a fantastic site for you, but it will cost you. However, when you consider the traffic that a great website can generate, it may be well worth your while and budget.

There is also a great variety of free web software. The software generally consists of website templates that allow you to simply plug in your copy. Keep in mind, however, that you may end up with a website that looks similar to your competitor’s websites.

  • Submit your website to search engines. It’s free and easy to do! There is no better way to increase your website traffic.

  • Take a crash course in HTML language so that you can successfully blog and add content to your website.

  • Fill your website with compelling, easy-to-read content. If you have a knack for the written word, you may want to take this project on yourself. Otherwise, spend the money and hire a competent writer to write your content and contribute to a daily/weekly/monthly blog.  The more frequently you populate your site with content, the more regularly the search engines will visit – which will turn into a greater number of visitors who come through natural search results. 

Learning how to start a website is not difficult – and with the right attitude, neither is creating a successful website!