How to Become a Bodyguard

So you are wondering how to become a bodyguard.

Becoming a bodyguard is often more about possessing certain physical skills and character strengths than formal education and training.

What Does it Take to Be a Bodyguard?

Bodyguards possess reliability and trustworthiness, are naturally precise, are able to adapt easily to change, perform well under adverse and often dangerous conditions, and are agile and physically strong.

Security guards are considered low-level security, while bodyguards are considered high-level security because they must be trained in advanced procedures and must be physically strong and mentally and emotionally secure.

Bodyguards, unlike security guards, essentially protect the lives of famous and influential people. Their job requires a serious level of commitment, as it often involves risking their lives to protect the lives of other individuals.

Your job as a bodyguard may involve planning the departure and arrival of your client, as well as keeping other individuals at a safe distance from your client.  You may need to transport your client and travel with him and her to attend social events.

Although there are no national standards for becoming a bodyguard, there are several ways in which you can work toward your goal, as outlined in this guide on how to become a bodyguard:

  • Complete high school or earn your G.E.D.

  • Obtain a background in law enforcement, in the military or government security intelligence. Many bodyguards come from these professions because they already possess the skills needed to perform many of the job duties of a bodyguard.
  • Work out and become physically strong. It may take a considerable amount of time to reach your physical strength and fitness goals, so your workout regimen must be strict. You must also make a commitment to not only become physically strong and fit, but to remain physically strong and fit.

Physical fitness, strength, stamina and endurance are absolute must-haves if you want a career as a bodyguard.

  • Take a self-defense program, such as martial arts, and work on your skill until you become an expert. There are myriad of self-defense programs and martial arts programs; therefore, many bodyguards become trained in more than one area.

  • Learn how to handle firearms through a firearms safety course.

  • Complete a Close Protection/Executive Protection training course, and consider advanced training programs, such as Advanced Weapons Disarming and Anti-Ambush Procedures. Take courses in psychology as well.

  • Consider courses in emergency care, such as CPR.
  • Contact local security companies and inquire about employment opportunities. Work locally until you have built up a good resume and have plenty of references, and then inquire about employment opportunities with larger companies.

There may be a large number of positions available in larger cities, particularly in New York City and Los Angeles, where there are many high profile professionals, movie stars and politicians.  With an understanding of how to become a bodyguard, as well as the emotional and physical strength to protect your clients, you can build an excellent career that is lucrative and rewarding.