Website Terms and Conditions Example

A Website Terms and Conditions disclaimer is important to any company that offers a product, service or site to the general public, whether there is a purchase involved or not.

This is particularly important when it comes to the Internet. Because of the availability of an Internet site to the public at large and the unintentional ignorance of the majority of Internet users, a Website Terms and Conditions disclaimer is essential to help avoid legal action.

The Internet has become so ubiquitous that it is a major part of life for millions of people all over the world. Indeed, it has become such a fixture that most people using the Internet have forgotten that it is composed of individual businesses and other concerns that have rights and privileges that aren’t extended to Internet surfers and shoppers.

The Internet is thought of as a shopping center, playground, library and center for communications that is necessary for everyday life. People rarely read terms and conditions disclaimers, but that does not mean that they are free of its legality.

Most Internet users scroll through such a document without examining it and merely click the “OK” button so that they can get to the content they are looking for. However, if they are not presented with a terms and conditions disclaimer, the company is liable for any number of legal actions should the consumer decide that they themselves are not responsible for any damages they suffer.

There are a couple of different definitions that must be outlined. A Website Terms and Conditions specify guidelines and rules that cover copyright issues, rules of using the product or site, policies of registration, fees, privacy policies and the protection of data. Terms of Use explain the scope of services and define what those services are. They clarify how the customer information is protected, how service is delivered and why it might be terminated, outline intellectual property rights, the company’s limits of liability and other important issues.

A Website Terms and Condtions disclaimer states that every effort has been made to protect the customer’s privacy and information and absolves the company from any repercussions of the customer misusing the site or product.

It also exempts the company from circumstances resulting from unintentional errors or omissions and denies that it endorses any product or service. In short, the customer uses the site or product at his own risk. It may state that the service, product or site that is being used is done so “as is” without any implied or express warranty or promise or any results guaranteed.

The attitude toward the Internet these days, despite the prevalence of identity theft, is one of complete openness. People do not hesitate to share all sorts of intimate details both personal and financial.

By protecting yourself from their carelessness you absolve yourself of paying for their mistakes. Taking all reasonable precautions to protect such clients is sometimes not enough; in those cases, a Website Terms and Conditions disclaimer may save you from costly legal actions.

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