Free HTML Website Templates

You can download our package of 25 free html website templates anytime you want. These high quality easy-to-use templates are ideal for people who want to make their website in one of the easiest formats available.

For most people html websites are not only easy to create, but to update as well. If you make websites for other people as part of your business you can use these templates for your customers.

When making a website it is important to have a concept in mind before you begin. Even better, having completed html website templates to view before starting saves an enormous amount of time.

You can download our 25 Free Html Website Templates now.

For people who cannot afford expense programs like Dreamweaver, using html will reduce the cost of an editing program as there are many free and lost cost html editors you can use. Even Microsoft FrontPage is within the budget of most people.

Why use html website templates?

  • Low cost
  • Ease of use, even for beginners
  • It is supported by all webs browsers
  • It is still the most recognized language for designing websites
  • Generally speaking html is a very clean language.

Beginners who have tried more challenging web formats will appreciate the simplicity of using our free html website templates. Just knowing the basics will let most people build a basic website. At a minimum you should be able to edit an existing site.

Download Your Free html Website Templates.

Obviously for many people using html will be the way to go. However, for those looking for more of a challenge you can try using our free Dreamweaver website templates or free flash templates. There are many excellent tutorials on creating and maintaining websites available on the Internet that are free. Many have videos that come with the tutorials that make learning much easier.