Photography Release Form

What is a photography release form?

Anytime you intend to publish marketing or artistic materials that include photographs or other images of individuals, you’ll need to receive their prior consent to use their image in your finished work or product. Typically this is obtained through a photography release form.

These forms are used for pictures published in marketing materials, on websites, in commercials, as parts of collages and works of arts, etc. to protect the creators of these works from litigation or having to take down their work because those pictured in them got “cold feet.” The issue at stake here is that everyone has the legal right decide who can and cannot use their likeness or image.

Without something in writing waiving their right to change their mind about giving permission, they retain that right and can in the future deny the owners of the photograph the right to continue to use it. Furthermore, they can pursue a civil case if they feel their reputation was damaged or they were misrepresented if they haven’t first waived such rights.

Why should you use a photography release form?

Anyone whose image or likeness appears in your final work or production can at any time simply change their mind about letting you have permission to use their likeness. This makes investing into such production impractical for businesses and artists alike. Couple this with thy skyrocketing costs of contract dispute litigation and the exposure to work without photography release forms is too great to risk.

What can happen if you don’t use a photography release form?

Imagine having a new brochure developed, laid out, approved, printed, and distributed to all 50,000 members of your HMO when you find out that image you chose for the front cover included someone who the photographer had failed to get to sign a photograph release form. This person could, rightfully so, not only demand the brochure stop being circulated, but also seek damages. Clearly the financial fallout of such an oversight could be ruinous to the entire project. Protect yourself, your business, and your next project by having anyone whose image or likeness you intend to use sign a photography release form ahead of time.

Photography Release Form

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