Media Release Form

What is a media release form?

Media Release Forms are important for any group, business, or individual who works with artists, talent, or groups to produce media content including acting performances, vocal performances, instrumental performances, artistic works, and other content. Just as a model release form protects a filmmaker from having an actor revoke permission to use their performance at some later date which could jeopardize the work they hired them to help create, a media release form provides the same protection to producers who use various forms of media content produced by third parties.

Why should you use a media release form?

Any production that includes the talents and work of third party artists, musicians, actors, or other creative talent can only be used commercially with the permission of those who helped create it. By having those who help produce a work sign a Media Release Form granting the right to use their various contributions as well as waiving any future creative or legal claim to their work they may hold, producers can protect the longevity of the final product. This means that even if the artists or others involved with the work disagree with it or find the use of their performance unsatisfying, the work is protected.

What can happen if you don’t use a media release form?

Without such protection, an angry songwriter, graphic artist, or singer could pursue civil action if they find the portrayal in the work to be demeaning or slandering. The civil liability exposure coupled with the chance of having the work forever removed from the market means the risk is too great to work without Media Release Forms. Therefore, any and every time you work with talent to produce media content, have them sign a Media Release Form granting specific permissions to use their performance and waiving any legal or creative rights they might have on the work.

Media Release Form

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