Liability Release Form

What is a liability release form?

A liability release form, or waiver, is a legally binding document that participants sign before taking part in an activity. By signing such a form, participants acknowledge that they fully know the risks involved and are still choosing to participate. It also has them agree to not pursue litigation against the organizers in the event of unforeseen accident or injury. A liability release form offers additional civil lawsuit protection to those hosting events in the occurrence of an accident resulting in injury or loss of property or life of a participant.

Why should you use a liability release form?

Anyone who is organizing, sponsoring, or hosting or otherwise involved in the putting on of an event or activity that wishes to reduce their civil liability should require all participants sign a liability release form beforehand. This form should needs to have participants acknowledge they are aware of the inherent risks involved and agree to not hold those who organized the activity responsible in the event these risks occur.

What could happen if you don’t use a liability release form?

Without a liability release form, the organizers of an event or activity can be held directly accountable for unforeseen injuries or accidents in a civil lawsuit. The more severe the risks involved – the greater the exposure and therefore need for a release form or waiver. Given the millions of litigations each year concerning injury, the costs of failing to use a liability release form or waiver can be high. If someone who participates in an event has an injury and has not signed a release form, the median award is over $50,000 in the US ( Of course, in severe cases, this amount can rise drastically.
For these reasons, it’s absolutely essential that any business, organization, group, or individuals organizing events or activities for third parties have all who participate and/or attend the event sign a liability release form.

Liability Release Form

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