Free Powerpoint Templates

Preparing for a business meeting or presentation? Let us help with our library of 75 free PowerPoint templates available for download on this page right now. These templates are a great time & money saving tool to help you focus your efforts as you prepare for that important meeting on the content of what you are going to present.

Everyone knows PowerPoint is a great tool to help bring information to life visually in an effort to communicate it to a large group of people in a short amount of time. So it doesn't matter if you are working in an NPO raising awareness and funds, giving a presentation before your student peers as you work on a degree, or are a businessperson hosting investors. We've got templates designed for all kinds of different needs that you can easily customize to get the most out of PowerPoint without being a technical guru.

No more frustrating hours spent trying to create a presentation. Instead, simply fill in the blanks with your content. Take your time browsing our selection and before long you'll have the perfect PowerPoint presentation. Save time, save money, and get better, more professional results by using our high-quality, professionally-designed templates. You'll find a variety of topics like business, education, art, science, sports, aviation & aeronautics, law, history, technology, medicine and much more.

Benefits of Using our Free PowerPoint Templates:

Studies have shown all kinds of benefits of multimedia or visual presentations like PowerPoint that include:

  • Images have a more powerful impact than verbal communication does. By using both, our templates let your make powerful presentations.

  • Sometimes it is difficult to get a point across with words alone. We have all kinds of templates to step-in when words are not enough.

  • Our PowerPoint templates makes it easier than ever to keep your audience's attention.

  • Our templates also give your presentation a consistent look or theme of your choice from among 75 options.

  • Easily modify each individual slide so that you can make changes even at the last minute without causing issues.

  • Every template on our site is completely free of charge and able to be customized.

  • You can use our templates for education, business, community projects, or simply for fun.

  • You DON'T need Microsoft's PowerPoint at all to use these templates. There is a free alternative readily available used by businesses all over available right now at that you can use to edit the templates. This program is completely free and fully compatible will all templates on our site.

  • Unsure how to use PowerPoint? Free video training tutorials are available on Microsoft's website.

Download your 75 free powerpoint templates by clicking here

Many people think you must have Microsoft’s Powerpoint software to use and edit the templates. Not so, you can use the free open office program at: to use and edit the templates. Their free program is very compatible with these templates and you can download it at no cost.