Free Piercing Disclaimer Form

Piercing is another business that may have been severely hurt long ago if not for disclaimer and waiver forms. Having your clients sign a piercing disclaimer form could save your business and even your future earnings.

Because piercing involves breaking the skin and exposure to blood, a disclaimer helps protect a business owner from lawsuits resulting from injuries, real or imagined that people might suffer during the process, or after they get piercing done.

Nobody wants to deny a client the right to damages if gross mistakes or negligence is made. However, most injuries in piercing establishments happen when the client doesn’t follow instructions and infections after the piercing are nearly always due to client negligence.

A piercing disclaimer form is nearly identical to a disclaimer used by a tattoo artist since everyone involved can be exposed to blood borne or virus caused diseases. It also includes a declaration by the client that they are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and they have not been coerced in any way to undergo piercing. Before the use of disclaimers, there were several legal cases claiming that clients got their piercings when their judgment was impaired; it was the burden of the piercing establishment to ascertain whether someone was of sound judgment. A disclaimer relieves the piercer of the burden of judgment and places it on the client.

There are many different types of piercing, from ears and navels to more private locations. Many of these areas are covered by clothing and thus are more susceptible to infection than the ears or eyebrows. The responsibility of properly caring for a healing piercing is solely the clients; since the piercer has no control over the behavior of the client once they leave the piercing studio a disclaimer has infinite value. In the disclaimer, the client agrees that he or she has been instructed in the proper care of their new piercing and understands everything required of them for successful healing.

Of primary importance in any disclaimer is a statement that the client agrees they are of legal age to receive a piercing. Many young people look older than they actually are and access to false identification is both cheap and easy. With sophisticated equipment widely available, it’s not hard to produce an authentic-looking ID that can fool even a TSA inspector. By signing a disclaimer that includes a declaration that the client is of legal age, the piercing artist is relieved from the responsibility of verifying whether the ID produced is legal or not.

It is important to protect your business with a properly worded, comprehensive piercing disclaimer form that covers many areas in which a client might decide to take legal action. Human carelessness being what it is, a piercing artist should have every client sign such a disclaimer and keep that documentation in some sort of permanent storage.

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