Free Personal Finance Software

The free personal finance software on this page will assist you in making smarter decisions about your finances.

With today’s economic conditions there has never been a better time to improve the way you save, invest and spend money.

Free Personal Finance Software

You can download our free personal finance software immediately.

Our free personal finance software can do the following:

  1. Pay bills and manage your bills
  2. Let you know of approaching bills
  3. Make budgeting faster and easier
  4. Perform online banking
  5. Manage and keep track of your investments
  6. Obtain instantaneous stock information
  7. Maintain and track your 401K
  8. Compute your financial net worth
  9. Obtain your free credit report
  10. Locate mortgage and loan interest rates
  11. Plan for your retirement
  12. Organize tax information
  13. Generate and maintain a personal financial statement
  14. And more.

Paying bills, money management, and investing can overwhelm many people. We know that our free personal finance software can relieve some of the monotonous day-to-day financial chores you need to perform. And it will reduce your chances of making math errors.

The free personal finance software is the most important tool in managing your financial affairs except for a certified financial planner. However, you can also use our free finance calculators that will complement any software you are using very nicely. They will perform difficult calculations about investments, debt consolidation, taxes, retirement funds and many others.

Whether it’s free personal finance software you are looking for or just crunching numbers, we have free tools to help you.

The following list of software is free to download.


A free personal finance software similar to Microsoft Money and Quicken
and has many of the same great features as the well know commercial software.

You can download KMyMoney here.

Personal Cash Flow Forecaster

This free easy to use cash flow forecaster will predict your cash flow. Just
enter your transactions and it will show your cash flow for any date range you request. This program will provide you with detailed summaries by month and year.
It also provides informative graphs.

You can download the Personal Cash Flow Forecaster here.


A free personal finance software program designed for both individuals and business owners. Comes with a quick and easy-to-use menu with encryption to protect your financial information. Program features include: will run on any computer with Java installed. Watch and track stock prices. Includes online banking. Organizes addresses, phone numbers, email and contacts.

You can download iFreeBudget here.


An easy-to-use personal finance and budget program. Ideal for people with little knowledge about financial issues. This software will work on Linux, Windows and Mac.

You can download Buddi here.

Mint Free Personal Finance Software

A web based program that is highly rated and will help you handle your finances.
Have secure access to thousand of banks and other financial institutions.
Keep both personal and joint accounts for precise tracking and receive notification when bills are due. Automatically gathers your information from all bank accounts, investment and credit card companies every 24 hours. You can use this free personal finance software anywhere that has Internet access.

You can download Mint Free Personal Finance Software here.

In certain situations the free personal finance software on this website may provide financial information and possibly even some advice. However, this information should never replace the advice of a good financial planner or CPA. Software is never an acceptable replacement for professional counsel.

If you are searching for free personal finance software or financial calculators to help you with your math calculations you will find our website very helpful. All these helpful tools are free and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.