Opinion Disclaimer Example

Opinions are like noses—everyone has one. However, if you are publishing your opinion in some way, whether it is in print or on the Internet, it’s a good idea to include an opinion waiver.

Let’s face it; the world is now a minefield when it comes to opinions; it seems everyone is looking for a way to be offended. Even if it is not your intention to offend, someone can twist your words into something that will hurt their feelings, make them angry or denigrate a group of people that you never knew existed.

An opinion disclaimer is usually a short paragraph that states that the views and opinions expressed by the venue where the opinions are being expressed are those of the authors only. They are not to be construed to represent the opinions of the site, book, periodical or newspaper that they are published in.

An opinion disclaimer is also appropriate for radio, television and other media. You’ll hear opinion disclaimers before and during most radio talk shows, especially those who lean strongly left or right. This disclaimer prevents the station from being sued by people who take exception to the opinions of the host or the callers.

Many people are now including opinion disclaimers on their blogs and websites, especially if they open up those sites to guest writers. The disclaimer denies that any content is intended to malign any organization, company, religion, club, ethnic group, individual, anyone or anything.

Such a disclaimer protects you from legal action but on the Internet, it can also protect your reputation. Just one person looking for offense can start a campaign of defamation that can ruin your site. A disclaimer effectively makes their complaints moot since it makes it clear that a guest author or blogger does not represent your opinion.

It takes only a few moments to insert an opinion disclaimer, and it will be well worth it.

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