Free Name Change Form

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Below you will find free name change forms for all states that you can download immediately.

Thousands of people change their name each year. A legal name change form is available for every state. Changing your name is easy to do and will save you money as opposed to hiring an attorney.

Although many companies sell name change forms it make much more sense to use the correct form the courts use. When you purchase forms from Internet websites you risk having your forms declined by the court.

Using the free name change form provided by the courts makes the best sense.

You can download free name change forms for all states immediately.

There are various reasons people want to change their name. A couple of the more common reasons are when a person will change their name after marriage or divorce.

For the most part you can legally change your last name whenever you want to.
Nevertheless, you cannot do this to evade money you owe, legal actions against you, or to commit fraud against another individual.

Download Free Name Change Forms from the Court

To access the forms just click on the state you live in. Because links to the courts could change it is possible you may have to search the site to find the free name change forms.

Most courthouse websites will have a phone number should you need further assistance.

The paperwork you will need for most states usually consists of a petition, your birth certificate, and an order. The petition for a name change consists of a number of questions. Some of which may ask if you have ever been convicted of a crime or if you have any judgments or liens against you. Once you have filled out your documents you will file them with the civil court.

Should you decide to legally change your name using the free court name change forms you should make sure you tell the Social Security Administration, your current employer, and any other individual or organization that it may affect.

You can find and download a name change form for your state below.