Free Movie Disclaimer Example

A movie disclaimer is almost exactly like a video disclaimer but may vary slightly according to the content of the movie.

If the movie is a documentary, it may include a more emphatic statement regarding facts and opinions contained in the movie.

If it is a work of fiction, especially if it draws on technology that is being developed (regarding defensive weapons, for example) it may also include a disclaimer to any consequences of revealing aspects of that technology.

Most movies are works of fiction and can be seen in a limited area or on a global scale. Regardless of how many people view the movie the distributor and producers should protect themselves from the legal action that might result in viewers’ actions after they see the movie. A disclaimer must make it clear that the views and opinions expressed in the movie are solely those of the author and not the producers, distributor, actors or products that may be represented in the movie.

As the world becomes more and more immersed in entertainment and as that entertainment becomes more realistic—such as 3D movies, new sound systems, etc.—it is necessary for distributors and producers to distance themselves from the acts of people who might imitate the movie or act upon some ideas portrayed within it. For example, the 1994 film Natural Born Killers is partially blamed for many violent crimes that occurred over the years following its release.

The sad fact is that there are many individuals who will see an idea in a movie and latch onto it as something worthy to do. While this might be an act of charity and compassion as inspired by the nationwide movement following the release of Pay It Forward, it can also result in horrific tragedies such as the New York subway booth attendant who was set afire after the perpetrator watched the 1995 movie Money Train.

A movie disclaimer serves to protect the producer, distributor and other people involved in showing it to the public from the actions of those who would want to imitate things they see in the movie. Impressionable teenagers and mentally ill adults are particularly susceptible to these ideas. Since we cannot and should not censor ourselves and our creativity, a movie disclaimer will protect those involved in the movie from legal action stemming from crimes or self-destructive actions influenced by what moviegoers see on the screen.

It’s standard to post a movie disclaimer at the beginning of the movie. The problem is that it usually isn’t in print big enough to read and not on the screen long enough for most people to have an idea of what it says. In order for a movie disclaimer to give you optimum protection, you should be sure it is visible, readable, and on the screen long enough for the audience to see it in its entirety. It’s not a bad idea to have it run before the closing credits, either.

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