Free Gym and Exercise Disclaimer Example

When you provide exercise training or operate a gym where you have members, you open yourself up to legal liability to do the fact that members may incur physical injury. Many people do not understand that by exercising they are putting themselves at risk for many types of injuries, especially if they have underlying health conditions.

As a gym owner or trainer it makes good business sense to have all your gym members sign a waiver or disclaimer prior to participating in any personal training or gym activities.

Most gym and exercise disclaimers state that all members or participants should consult a doctor before beginning any type of exercise program or significant change in their diet.

Participants also agree they understand the risks of participating in any exercise program and using equipment provided by the gym. Further, the disclaimer may also state that using exercise equipment provided by the gym in any other way that it is intended for releases the owner of the gym, including instructors, trainers and employees.

A gym or fitness disclaimer is especially important if the gym teaches classes like martial arts, boxing and wrestling. And when children are involved, the parent should sign a waiver or disclaimer as well on behalf of the child agreeing they are responsible for the behavior of the child.

In general, disclaimers should reflect the date that is signed and the length of time it will be applicable too. A standard time period is one year, while others may have it in force in perpetuity.

One advantage to having it in effect, for a year is that you check annually to make sure your members information is up to date and have them sign a new disclaimer or waiver if applicable.

Download Your Free Gym and Exercise Disclaimer