Sample Termination Letter

Our sample termination letter can make the process of terminating an employee easier and with a severance agreement clearly define the terms you agree on. Whether you are a business owner or an HR manager, this free letter will help you to inform an employee about his or her termination from the job.

When it is time to terminate an employee from your company, the task can be simplified by using the appropriate termination letter. A carefully drafted termination letter may reduce your chances of potential lawsuits initiated by employees.

You can download our Free Sample Termination Letter right now.

Why Use Our Sample Termination Letter?

Firing an employee from the job is a task that no employer likes to do. However, there may be situations when you have no choice. We can make this task easier for you by providing contemporary termination templates.

When an employee is to be fired, his or her job termination letter will usually avoid explaining the reason for the termination.

Our terminating letter is short and concise and states only the information about the employee and the notice of change in employment status. It is completely void of personal attacks or accusations. You can use the basic template and customize it to fit your needs.

With this professional approach, the emotions of the person writing the terminating letter do not come into play. This approach reduces any potential mistakes that the owner or HR manager might make while drafting the termination letter.

Our sample termination letter template is easy to download and it is supported by all commonly used word processors. You can select the template and copy it to your preferred word processor.

Our sample termination letter is the perfect tool for helping you to complete the unpleasant but necessary formality of informing the employee in writing about his or her termination.

Download the Free Sample Termination Letter.

However, before you do, consider that wrongful termination is a major reason for employment lawsuits. Professional documents and advice are critical to protect your business.

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