Free Sample Employee Handbook

This Employee handbook is ideal to use as an ideal template to create your companies own employee handbook. This sample employee handbook was drafted by a licensed attorney.

By using our professionally written sample employee handbook, you can advance your company’s efficiency, enhance the communication with your employees, and help avoid disagreements involving the employees and supervisors.

This easy-to-use handbook can be customized for your company using almost any computer.

Why Use an Employee Handbook?

If you want to lessen your chances of an employment lawsuit an employee handbook is one of your first lines of defense. Without one, you are in a very difficult position should you end up in court.

Download the Sample Employee Handbook.

Our sample employee handbook covers the following policies:

  • Drug free policies
  • Intellectual property guidelines (concerning patents or copyrights)
  • Disputes and arbitration
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Sick leave for employees
  • Vacation policy
  • Overtime and hours worked
  • Sexual harassment
  • Non-discrimination
  • Use of business material supplies and more

By customizing our sample employee handbook, you will craft policies that plainly communicate your expectations to your employees. In addition, this will help protect your business from legal problems related to employees.

Even if you do not need a complete employee handbook you can use the excellent employee policies and incorporate them into your current handbook.