Free Employee Policies

These policies are ideally suited for creating new HR policies and manuals or revising those which that you already have. These employee policies can be effectively used by business owners, organizational managers, and human resource professionals.

By using our professionally written employment policies, you can improve the workplace morale, increase the productivity of your employees, and help prevent disagreements between the employees and management.

These policy templates are created by a licensed attorney. They can be easily downloaded and customized according to individual organizational needs.

Why Use Employee Policies?

If you want to run an organization that respects and informs its employees, you need to treat your employees fairly. If you do this, you will have both a motivated staff and employees that will respect your decisions.

Our sample policy template covers most of the HR policies including,

  • Employee travel and entertainment policy
  • Drug free workplace policy
  • Employee intellectual property policy (regarding patents or copyrights)
  • Dispute management or arbitration policy
  • Workers’ compensation policy
  • Employee sick leave policy
  • Employee vacation policy
  • Overtime and hours of work policy
  • Sexual harassment policy
  • Non-discrimination policy
  • Use of company property and much more

Why Use Our Employee Policies Templates?

These templates were drafted by an attorney and make a good starting point.

By customizing our template, you can create policies that clearly communicate your expectations and HR benefits for your organization. Our professional employment policy templates make managing your employees easier. You will save both time and money.

You will also learn legal information about forming various policies that will help you avoid workplace disputes.

Our templates consist of reader-friendly policies that can be edited with almost any word processing program.

Use our employee policies as a one-stop resource for forming HR policies that are written in simple English and easy to understand language. It not only simplifies your task of policy formation by offering electronic documents, but also enables you to use researched policy language to build or revise your HR policies.

Download the Free Employee Policies.