Free Employee Disciplinary Form

Issuing an employee disciplinary form or written warning letter is usually but not always followed by a verbal warning. Some companies impose a four-step approach for disciplinary procedures in the workplace; a verbal warning, a written warning, some type of suspension and finally termination.

In the case of the employee being an at-will-employee, the employer may be able to terminate the employee without any disciplinary steps at all because of the at-will-relationship.

As unpleasant as it always is, proper and consistent disciplinary procedures are necessary to protect your business. A written employee disciplinary form given to an employee at a disciplinary meeting will ideally stop the behavior (or lack of) that caused the written warning letter to be issued in the first place.

If terminating the employee is in your opinion unavoidable, professionally prepared documentation describing the problem will help keep the employee informed on exactly what is happening and what could happen should the disciplinary problem not be resolved.

Disciplinary Procedures in the Workplace

Good disciplinary procedures in the workplace show the company is willing to communicate with the employee to help them resolve any problem(s) that caused the disciplinary action. Also, reasonable disciplinary procedures in the workplace help build and keep moral among the employees because they know what to expect. A smooth disciplinary process is good for everyone involved and will lessen the chances of an unhappy employee seeking some type of employment lawsuit after being terminated.

Disciplinary Written Warning Letter

Using a disciplinary written warning letter including terminating the employee should not be taken lightly. Many employers think having a good employee disciplinary form and using common sense is sufficient for handling employee related problems and termination.

Employment laws are very complex and you should always consult an attorney before implementing a disciplinary process that you will be using for your company. Especially if you have union employees or the employee (s) involved with disciplinary action are under an employment contract with you.

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