Exit Interview Questions

Exit interview questions are no longer a painstaking activity. With our free questionnaire that you can download free of charge. You get a variety of questions for different levels of employees.

These questions are based on the hierarchy system and come with variations for different departments.

Whether your interview is for customer service, information technology, operations or any department in your company, we have an exit interview questionnaire to meet your needs.

The questions are framed according to industry standards, and they can help you get the feedback you need from employees who will no longer be with your organization. The questions can help you get to the cause of employee exits and provide input for changes to your company’s practices. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using our ready-made exit interview questions.

Benefits of using our exit interview questionnaire:

  • Increased productivity and savings. Your human resources staff will not have to spend time in preparing exit interview questions, which can free them up for other productive tasks or additional responsibilities.

  • Ease of use. These templates are easy to use and can be downloaded free of cost from our website.

  • Customization. You can customize the template to suit your company’s needs.

  • Format. You can choose from among the various designs and formats available.

  • Relevant Questions. Our exit interview questions are relevant to your business’s feedback requirements.

The templates are user-friendly and can be downloaded through our website. They are compatible with most business word programs and are convenient to use. They are simple to understand, and you don’t need any technical expertise to use them.

The questions are suited for designing all types of exit questionnaires, no matter what your purpose is. We take the utmost care to avoid any controversial questions. We know that exit interviews can be a sensitive issue and should be dealt with in a sensible manner. The exit interview questions will help ensure that your exit interview will go smoothly.

Download our Free Exit Interview Questionnaire