Free Fax Disclaimer and Email Disclaimer Examples

Because of the enormous growth of electronic communications, it is almost a necessity to try to protect information sent by email from being spread across the Internet without your permission.

I am sure you have seen certain emails and fax letters with language at the very end stating the email or fax is confidential and private. And if you are not the person who it was intended for that you are prohibited from copying or sharing it with anyone else. By doing so, you could open yourself up to legal action.

An email disclaimer and fax disclaimer basically give notice to anyone receiving it that the information it contains is confidential and protected by law.

How Does an Email Disclaimer and Fax Disclaimer Protect You?

A good disclaimer of this type will cite the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. This act by law protects electronic communications while being transmitted. This also includes confidential information and communications being stored electronically, including messages and information kept on computers.

Quoting the Electronic Communications Privacy Act in your Email Disclaimer or fax protects you by giving notice that your information is protected by law and strictly confidential. And that violating that law could subject an individual to criminal or civil action.

Download Your Free Fax Disclaimer and Email Disclaimer